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Dos Rios Envrionmental LLC is focused on providing clientele with high quality initial environmental due diligence assessments. All of our environmental assessments are completed by exceptionally qualified personnel that far exceed ASTM regulatory standards for Environmental Professionals (EP).

Environmental Site Assessments are all about evaluating risks associated with real estate transactions and/or business decisions. At Dos Rios Environmental, we understand those risks and provide focused assessments that outshine clients expectations on each and every project. Our vision is to be the leading provider of high quality environmental site assessments by its focused attention to close client relationships. Your experience with Dos Rios Environmental will be technology driven, responsive and transparent.


The Phase I ESA is intended to assess the enviromental condition of commercial real estate and to identify Recognized Envrironmental Conditions (RECs) in connection with the property. While use of this practice is intended to constitute all appropriate inquiry (AAI), it may not be limited to that purpose. This practice is intended to permit a User to satisfy one of the requirements to qualify for the innocent landowner, contiguous property owner, or bona fide prospective purchaser limitations of CERCLA liability. Phase I ESA tasks include site reconnaissance, environmental records review,interviews and reporting. All Phase I ESA reports by Dos Rios Environmental are conducted by an Environmetnal Professional (EP) whose qualifications exceed the ASTM requirements.


The purpose of a Transaction Screen is an environmental screening process for a User that wishes to conduct limited environmental due diligence (less than a Phase I ESA) and assess the environmental condition of commercial real estate where a Phase I ESA is initially deemed to be unecesssary by the User. This type of assessment typically consists of a site visit, regulatory database review and environmetnal checklist completion. This type of assessment is not AAI compliant, and if the User desires to quality for one or more of the CERCLA liability protections, a Phase I ESA process should be implemented


An Environmental Desktop Review is a quick environmental screening process consisting of a regulatory database review for sites listed in Federal, State and Local environmental databases and online historical aerial photograph review and online research. Although this assessment does not meet AAI requirements, it is a useful tool on low-risk properties with very quick due diligence time frames.

Frank Dickerson

Frank Dickerson, R.G.

Frank is a Registered Geologist in Arizona with over 20 years experience in environmental property assessments. He has completed over 1,000 Phase I, Phase II and Phase III ESAs on commercial and private facilities. These ESAs have included dry cleaning facilities, service stations, commercial manufacturing facilities, right-of-way easements and agricultural farm yards. He has conducted extensive reviews of existing environmental reports and State files concerning leaking UST sites, groundwater contamination plumes and/or soil contamination in order to make recommendations on the need for further assessment of properties.


1996, Northern Arizona University
B.S. / Geology


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